April 13, 2004

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This is a true story that happened to me 6 months ago.I was reading a story in an adult magazine about this girl that waseaten out and fucked by a German Shepherd dog. Now to some of you, thisprobably sounds gross. However, I was turned on by the story and wantedto read more stories like it. Well I never found any. While I am surethat there is a mag out there that has lots of stories like it, justhaven’t found it yet.Anyway, one day I was talking to me friend Laurie and brought the subjectup. Laurie had never read such a story before. Since we were at myhouse, I got the magazine out and let her read it. She didn’t get asturned on as I did, but said that she would like to watch someone getlicked and fucked by a dog. I told Laurie the story made me very veryhorney. Laurie said that she doubted that she could get horney enough todo it with an animal. I told her that it made me very horney and that Ididn’t think I could do it, but I did want to read about other peopledoing it with animals.Well, that subject was dropped, we continued to talk about other thingswhile drinking wine. After two bottles we got very tipsy and startedtalking about sex. The next thing we knew, we were naked and in thepool, having a great time. Well, I have had sex with women before, butnever with Laurie. I didn’t know how she felt about making love towomen, and never asked. Well I noticed her staring at my 38-26-36 body.I got out of the pool and posed. I said, “What do you think”? She saidthat I had a great body and a nice pair of tits. I spread my legs andopened up my pussy with my fingers showing Laurie my pink inner lips andnow extended clit. Squeezing my erect clit while I shoved two fingersup my soaking cunt I told Laurie I would like to do it with her. Withthat, I jumped into the pool grabbed her head and shoved it between mytits as I probed her tight cunt with my fingers and said, well if youlike them so much why don’t you suck them. I was ready for her toprotest, but instead she said okay, and sucked my tits gently as Icontinued to ream her tight pussy. She said to me, I have wanted youfor the longest time but didn’t think you would want to make love withme.We dried off and went into my bedroom I had Laurie lie back on my bed andcrawled up between her legs and began to suck her stiff pink nipples asI massaged her hot slippery slit. In no time I had her moaning withpleasure and moved down to her sweet tasting cunt probing her tight pinkhole with my tongue. Laurie quickly had a strong climax and flooded mymouth with her sweet juices. I got off her and went to my dressergetting out two of my favorite toys, a 12 inch vibrator and a long thinanal probe. Laurie gasped at the sight of me armed with my toys andbegged me to fuck her with them. I moved back to Laurie and straddledher face as I massaged her firm young tits. Giving Laurie the anal probeI instructed her to fuck my asshole while she ate my pussy. I slowlylowered my soaking snatch to her lips and tongue as Laurie pushed thelong dildo firmly up my taught asshole. The feeling of that long shaftpenetrating my ass made me quiver as Laurie repeatedly thrust her longtongue up my cunt and licked and sucked my clit. We had hardly begunwhen I had my first orgasm wetting Laurie’s face with my thick pussyjuice. Laurie begged me to fuck her cunt with the vibrator and I bentwillingly to my work spreading her swollen cunt lips and probing hertight twat with the vibrator as I licked her swollen distended clit andfingered her tight little anus. Laurie came long and hard as shecontinued her assault on my pussy and anus reaming my cunt with herfingers as she licked my clit and pounded the probe up my anus bringingme to on one orgasm after another.In our lust we had not noticed Bill my brother come in, the first I knewof his presence was when Laurie squealed and I felt her fingers withdrawfrom my steaming twat only to be replaced by Bill’s ten inches of hardthick cock. Looking back I saw the familiar look of lust in my brothersface as he reamed my pussy with his big thick prick and rammed the analprobe in and out of my well lubricated asshole. Laurie resumed herassault on my swollen clit and I on her twitching cunt and asshole. Inno time I felt Bill’s thick load shoot up my cunt as he pounded out hispassion. I came quickly as did Laurie licking up her juices as sheswallowed the overflow of my brothers sperm from my cunt and clit. Atlast I thought our secret is out, Bill and I had been fucking for abouta year and I had always wanted to have him and a woman together. Lauriewas begging for Bill’s stiff cock and I had her get up in the doggyposition as Bill licked her tight puckered anus and slowly inserted theanal prob up her twitching rectum. I sucked his still stiff cock intomy mouth and rammed it deep in my throat until it grew to enormousproportions. Laurie in the meantime had renewed her assault on my cuntclit and anus forcing the rampaging vibrator up my steaming slit as shelicked my hard clit and finger fucked my juicy asshole. Sensing Laurie’sneed I pulled Bill’s prick from my mouth and pushed the head intoLaurie’s pink pussy. Bill took it from there and rammed his hard cockdeep into her twitching vagina until his balls slapped her cunt lips. Icontinued to suck and lick her clit until Laurie had two orgasms and Billfilled her tight slit with gallons of cum. The sight of his stickysperm dripping from her slit made me climax again and I licked her cumslickened snatch until I had sucked down all of my brothers sweet cream.Laurie and I moved to a side by side position and continued to tonguefuck each others cunts as Bill sat an rested watching our pleasure. Inno time his cock was renewed and he began to finger Laurie’s tight backdoor. Seeing his lust for my friends asshole and having denied thispleasure to him in our private sessions I decided to let Bill fuck me inthe ass. I called him over and told him to fuck my butt while Laurie atemy pussy. Bill was overcome with desire as he moved in behind me andgently spread my ass cheeks lowering his face between the cheeks of myass and probing my tight asshole with his tongue. I begged him to reammy anus with his big dick and he had Laurie guide his rock like cock upmy asshole while he pounded me to orgasm. I continued to lick Laurie andmade her cum just as Bill shot his load up my ass. The feeling of hishot sperm filling my anus made me climax and nearly pass out. When Iregained my senses I could feel Laurie’s tongue swirling in and out of myanus as she collected his sperm from my asshole. Bill was great and hehad moved to Laurie’s asshole and begun to lick her tight pink puckeredasshole as I tongue fucked her hot cunt. I could tell Bill was readyagain and heard Laurie beg him to ram his big thick dick up her ass.Bill got into position and I guided his throbbing meet up her sweettight little asshole watching as Bill pressed it into her until only hisballs were visible. I continued my tongue fucking of her cunt andlicking her clit as I felt her convulse time and time again in sweetorgasm. Soon I to climaxed from her tongue and fingering of my cunt andanus and Bill came filling her tight butt with his sperm which I gladlylicked up. Bill was happy but drained and left us to continue ourgames. All in all we made love for three hours. When she left to gohome, she invited me over the next day to “Play around some more”.Saturday afternoon I went over to Laurie’s house to play. She invited mein. She was wearing a black leather mini, black blouse, black fish netstockings and garters, and high heels. She was hot. I was also wearinga mini, I also had on a halter top, and heels. She told me to get on myknees and look under her shirt. What I saw was a beautiful, cleanshaven cunt. I reached up to touch her but she stopped me. She saidthat I would first have to touch my own shaved cunt. She said she wouldshave me like she did herself this morning. We went to the bathroom andshe undressed me. What I great sensation it was to have her shave.When she was done she cleaned me off, grabbed me by the hand and led meto her room. She told me to lay on the bed and play with my new cunt.As I laid there, I began to rub my cunt, what a feeling. I went wild.It felt so good. No pubic hair, just skin, sensitive skin. She watchedme as she got undressed. She got into the bed with me and moved hercunt to where I could eat her. She was, and still is, so sweet tasting.As I ate her she played with my cunt, sticking in a finger then rubbingmy clit. She would stop as I got to excited. I ate her and she cametwice, yet she wouldn’t let me cum. She then got up and left the room.She came back with some nylon straps and said that if I wanted to cum Iwould have to let her tie me to the bed. She said she would not hurtme. I agreed.She tied my wrists and ankles to the bed so that I was spread eagle.She then got out a vibrator and began to work on my sensitive clit. Thevibrator made me so horney, but she would not leave it on my clit longenough to make me cum. I tried to thrust my hips to meet the dong, butto no avail. She would then stick the dildo in and slowly pull it out,then repeat the treatment on my clit. I was begging to cum. She bentbetween my legs and tasted my juice hole and said that I was wet enoughto get my SURPRISE. Again she left the room. When she returned she wasfollowed by my SURPRISE. It was her Great Dane, Toby. She asked howhorney was I and I knew what she meant. I shook my head yes.She patted the bed and Toby jumped up. She then took the dogs nose andstuck it between my legs. I must have been twice as wet by now. Thedog knew exactly what to do. He began to lick my hole. I couldn’tstand it and I came twice, right away. This made him lick even faster.I could not believe the feeling. There was no strong probing like ahumans tongue, just enough pressure and entry to do the job. As the dogcontinued to eat me out Laurie unfastened me from the bed. Laurie beganto play with Toby’s cock and I watched as it began to grow stiffening inher hand until it had grown to about 8 inches in length. Toby was in afrenzy by now and his hot wet tongue was lapping hard and fast on myexposed cunt. Toby’s cock was long, thin and stiff as a board as Lauriecontinued to massage it and his balls. Laurie said that she thought thedog’s cock was hard enough to start. She grabbed a couple of smallpillows and placed them under my ass. Then guided the Toby on top ofme. His face was next to mine, I could feel his hot breath on my face.His hairy body resting on my stomach. Laurie put her hand on his cockand gently guided it toward my fuck hole. As soon as the dog felt mywetness, nature took over. He fucked me fast and very deep. I cameagain, and again. Then I felt him tense and squirt inside me. Heslipped out and shot some cum on my stomach. Toby then reversed hisposition and began to lap my cunt again with his long wide tongue. WithToby in this position I could see his long thin cock still exposed andstill fairly stiff. Not wanting the experience to end I reached up andbegan to massage his cock and balls. The dog responded at once andbegan to fuck my hand as he licked my hot pussy to another orgasm. Iasked Laurie to help me and rolled over on my stomach spreading my legsand ass cheeks making my anus open and available to Tobies wet tongue.Seeing my waiting asshole Toby began to lick me there while Laurie tookover my handwork on her dogs cock. Laurie moved Toby around and hemounted me doggy style and began to dry hump my ass. Laurie spread myass further and guided Tobies long thin cock into my asshole. Thetightness of my ass sent Toby in to ecstasy and he rammed his long thindick in and out of my asshole with long fast strokes. All I canremember is the feeling of his long dick probing my rectum and drivingme to orgasm after orgasm until he filled my ass with his sticky dogcum.As I laid there, I thanked Laurie for what she did and told her that itwas great. Since then I have fucked her dog twice. He is not always inthe mood and sometimes it takes a lot of hand work to get himinterested. I have fucked Laurie so many times I can,t count them andshe I and my brother Bill get together after school almost three times aweek. Laurie now says that she thinks she will try Toby the next time heis ready.I can’t wait.

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    8. Good story, and you say this happened to you 6 month ago?Seems to me this one has been on the web since Bill Clinton was a baby, as I distinctly remember reading this on several forums/story sites before (several years ago), so I guess you aren’t really claiming it as your own are you? Surely that first line was part of the original story that I read…

      Comment by sinistyr — May 28, 2006 @ 8:27 am

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