January 3, 2005


Story by Cetacean, do not repost without this headerI’m sorry for any spelling mistakes and parts that might not make sense because of it. If you like dolphin stories, you might also like:Loving my time: http://www.beastforum.com/index.php?showto…7845hl=dolphin (man / dolphin)A desperate act: http://www.beastforum.com/index.php?showto…4665hl=dolphin (woman / dolphin)I thought it was about time for me to write another dolphin story. This story is completely fictional (sadly). A short summary of what happens: a woman is on vacation in the Caribbean and has an encounter with several wild male dolphins, you guess what happens next. I hope you’ll enjoy reading it—-For most people, swimming with dolphins is somewhere in the top 10 of ‘things to do’. It’s actually not that hard to get to do this, it just takes money. Linda had the money – and she had just landed on an island in the Caribbean. Three weeks of relaxation on the beach, and she was going to go swim with wild dolphins just to make her dream vacation even more complete.The first two days were wonderful, but the third was going to be the best. Atleast, that’s what she hoped for. They often say that you should save the best for last, but Linda couldn’t wait. Every day a boat with a handful out tourists went out to sea in the search of dolphins to swim with, which wasn’t hard as there were plenty of them around. “There, in the distance”, someone yelled. Everybody looked where he pointed. Several dolphins were jumping out of the water. The boat changed course to meet with them, and when they got closers to dolphins got in front of the boat to ride the bow waves. It was a sight Linda had seen often enough on TV, but now she saw it for real. She had never actually seen a dolphin in real life and they were quite a bit bigger than she expected. Everybody had gathered on the front of the boat to look at the dolphins and to try and get a photo of them.The boat stopped. “Listen up people”, the guide started, “swimming with dolphins is a lot of fun, but there are some things you have to keep in mind. First, be careful not to touch their eyes and don’t rub the lower part of their belly.” – “Why not”, a young woman asked. “Would you like it if someone touched you down there on the first date? I don’t think so. If they don’t like what you’re doing they can become aggressive.”After some more talking everybody was ready to get in the water. The dolphins had been waiting patiently, perhaps knowing what was going to happen. Linda was the first to jump in after the guide. Nobody had any diving equipment so they couldn’t stay under water long. Thankfully, it wasn’t very deep – but not shallow enough to stand. The dolphins seemed eagre to play, and Linda wondered who was coming to see who. As she dived, a dolphin dived along side of her – watching her every move. When she made a move, the dolphin made a move. He, or she, Linda didn’t know, did whatever she did. When she got up for air again, so did the dolphin, trying to mimic her upright position in the water. The play continued, until she noticed the guide pointed towards a pair of dolphins. One of them was obviously male since he had an erection any man would be envious of. The other dolphin, she figured female, was rubbing her body against the male’s side. The rubbing and pushing continued for a while and at one point the male even seemed to push the tip of his pointy beak slightly into the female’s vulva. The female just let herself be pushed around, and the male got into position. While virtually everybody was watching with great interest, not just the people but the dolphins aswell, the male gently slid his penis into the female and proceeded to thrust into her. Linda found the sight of the two dolphins, belly to belly with one of them thrusting into the other, a huge turn on and she wanted to let her hand slide down her bikini bottom. She didn’t though, people would notice and besides, diving takes two hands. It didn’t take very long. The male did his thing in twenty seconds or so – it was short enough for Linda to keep underwater the whole time without having to come up for air. Still, those twenty seconds were all she could think of the whole day. “You’re a lucky bunch, we rarely get to see this”, the guide said when they got back on the boat. Linda didn’t feel lucky though. She felt the female dolphin was the one that got lucky, not her. When she got back to her sea side cabin she went to the bedroom and started masturbating, picturing the male wasn’t having sex with another dolphin but with her. As the tips of her fingers rubbed her clit she pictured the dolphin’s penis penetrating her, thrusting into her while she had one arm wrapped around his back. He’d go faster and faster till both of them were ready to explode. And Linda did explode, moaning and shaking on her bed with her hands between her thighs.A few days later Linda was sitting on a jetty near to her cabin. It was getting late, the sun was low on the horizon, and she figured it was time to go when she saw something come out of the water. She instantly realised what it was: the dorsal fin of a dolphin. Two more appeared next to it. Since this was the caribbean, she had her bikini on the whole day – only wearing some short pants over it when she went to town. She looked stunning like that, she had a firm C-cup, short but beautiful blonde hair, was fairly slim and well tanned. She looked around. There didn’t seem to be a person in sight. She took of her pants, and her bikini and jumped into the water. Linda figured that if one of these dolphins were a male, he might be willing to have sex with her. Although she didn’t really have a clue how. The dolphins did come for her though, the splash got their attention. The low, red sun provided just enough light to see underwater, and Linda could see the dolphins move towards her like black shadows. When they got within a few meters of her she dove under. The dolphins circled around her like vultures around a prey, but the atmosphere was relaxed. They seemed playful as always. While of the dolphins moved past her she let her hand run over his side. HIS side, because Linda could tell from this close that he was definatly male. And, if she was not mistaken, so were the others.The dolphins got closer to her and there was plenty of physical contact, however all in a playful way – but Linda wanted more. She remembered the guide saying touching a dolphin’s private parts could make them aggressive but she also realised that that was probably the only way she could arouse a dolphin. Linda realised she’d have to be careful as she didn’t want to get into a fight with a few hundred kilos of dolphin. She figured it’d be best to try this with one dolphin at a time. As one of the dolphins came around for another pass she let her hand slide over his side, but lower than usual. He seemed to like it, and turned for another pass, this time exposing his belly for her. She let her hand slide over it but pulled away when his genital slit came past. She just didn’t dare touch it. The dolphin was going to give her a second chance though. He turned again and went for her again, showing his belly like before. This time, Linda was gonna go for it. She grabbed one of his pectoral fins with her right hand, letting the dolphin drag her along. He didn’t seem to like this though, with a quick move he forced her to let go. This shocked Linda, she figured she’d ruined it now, but the dolphin didn’t swim away. Instead, he seemed to present his dorsal fin to her, as if he were saying “hold on to that”. She did, and the dolphin slowly moved towards the surface with her, the other two dolphins following behind them. When Linda got above the surface again, the dolphin rolled over with his belly now above the water. Linda didn’t know what to do, the reaction of the dolphin earlier had made her somewhat reluctant to go through with it. The dolphin splashed his tail on the water as if he was asking “are you going to do this or not?”. Linda was in too deep now, she had to go through with it. She put both of her hands on his belly. Her right hand was resting between his pectoral fins while she more or less massaged his genital slit with the other. The dolphin gently thrusted into her hand and she could see and feel the slit getting wider. Within a few seconds, his penis was fully erect and hanging over his belly. The dolphin then turned and dived out of sight. Linda took a deep breath and also went below the surface trying to figure out where he went. She could see the other two dolphins about twenty meters or so away but not him. After a little while she went back up to the surface for air, not realising the dolphin was now coming from below. The closer she got to the surface the closer the dolphin got to her. As she got her head above the water she felt his belly against her belly, working his way up. Soon, the tip of his beak got out of the water aswell, his body pressed against hers. It all seemed to go very fast. She felt his lower body move away from her, then back, and all of the sudden she felt his penis plunge inside of her. The dolphin started pounding into her, and Linda wrapped his arms around him. The feeling was fantastic, and Linda kissed the dolphin on his side while he thrusted in and out. The two other dolphins hadn’t left, and Linda felt one of them pressing against her back, seemingly trying to keep them from drifting away. It felt like forever, but in reality it couldn’t have been long before the dolphin was ready to blow his load inside of her. His movement slowed, and Linda felt his juices squirt inside of her body with force. Then, for a few seconds, they were more or less embraced in afterglow. She then let go of him and the dolphin slowly moved away. For Linda, it had been everything she could’ve wished for – but there were now two other horny dolphins that weren’t ready for her to leave yet. Before she knew or saw him, she felt another dolphin slam his member inside of her. His position was completely different, he was totally submerged and at a 90 degree angle with her, his body between her legs and his tail hitting her belly every time he thrusted. Linda paniced at first but figured it’d be best not to fight but to try and enjoy it. And did she This dolphin seemed to have an even bigger penis than the one before and he was giving her all he had, thrusting into her like there was no tomorrow. She saw the third dolphin swim towards her, and he put his beak on her shoulder while the other dolphin still thrusted into her vagina. He slowly moved his body closer to hers while she felt the other dolphin blowing his semen inside of her. Almost the second the dolphin below her took his penis out for the last time, the dolphin she was now belly to belly with moved his penis towards his goal. She could feel it against her legs, first the outside, then this inside. He curved his back to get it up to the right height and then with one powerful thrust put the full length of his member inside of her. The dolphin had his head resting on Linda’s left shoulder and she wrapped her left arm around his curved back. Since the thrusting of the dolphin was already enough to keep them above the water, Linda moved her other hand down to her clit and started to rub it. Every time the dolphin pounded her she could feel his belly against her hand and his penis go deeper inside. This dolphin definatly knew how to please, and combined with her own fingers the feeling was beyond any she had ever had. When the dolphin started to calm down she knew he was ready to blow and knowing this made her ready to do the same. The second she felt his juices inside of her body she went into the most powerful orgasm she had ever had, almost losing control of her body and mind while the warm feeling took over. When she got back to her senses Linda realised she’d just been used by a group of dolphins as a sex toy, and that she had loved every minute of it. She hang still in the water, both arms now wrapped around the dolphin who had no intention of breaking the embrace, when she heared someone say “looks like you had fun”. She looked up and saw the woman from the cabin next to her standing on the jetty with a priceless expression on her face.

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    1. dolphin story pretty rarei luve it thk i vote

      Comment by NicodeBay — January 3, 2005 @ 4:01 am

    2. WOW that was a great story. keep up the good work. Wish I was that girl.

      Comment by mack500 — January 3, 2005 @ 5:30 am

    3. Outstanding story. Rare to see one with dolphins. Keep up the good work. -Inusan

      Comment by inusan — January 3, 2005 @ 5:22 pm

    4. Thanks for the great story, just as good as the other two, hope morewill followthanks againjj

      Comment by Beverly — January 3, 2005 @ 9:06 pm

    5. Thanks for the comments people – much appreciated

      Comment by Cetacean — January 4, 2005 @ 2:40 am

    6. out bloody standing stands and starts to applause i give that my vote for sure i Loved it

      Comment by linkz — January 4, 2005 @ 2:43 am

    7. QUOTE (linkz Jan 3 2005, 09:43 PM) out bloody standing stands and starts to applause i give that my vote for sure i Loved it Thanks

      Comment by Cetacean — January 4, 2005 @ 7:03 pm

    8. Yeah a fantastic story

      Comment by amy2004 — January 4, 2005 @ 8:00 pm

    9. QUOTE (amy2004 Jan 4 2005, 03:00 PM) Yeah a fantastic story Thank you

      Comment by Cetacean — January 5, 2005 @ 3:15 am

    10. very nice well written and well done. you should be proud of that one, ive always been a fan of aquatics myself, hope to see lots more where this came from.Iron

      Comment by Iron Basilisk — January 5, 2005 @ 3:29 pm

    11. QUOTE (Iron Basilisk Jan 5 2005, 10:29 AM) very nice well written and well done. you should be proud of that one, ive always been a fan of aquatics myself, hope to see lots more where this came from.Iron I’ll probably write a few more stories. Perhaps with one of the smaller kinds of dolphins, like a Dusky.

      Comment by Cetacean — January 6, 2005 @ 12:54 am

    12. I’ve never really been a fan of this sort of thing, buttt… write more ( )

      Comment by Fizzy — January 6, 2005 @ 2:42 am

    13. Yeah great story Nice writing Hope to read more of your stories.

      Comment by dogfucker10 — January 6, 2005 @ 3:10 am

    14. ThanksDon’t worry, I’ll probably write a few more in the future.

      Comment by Cetacean — January 6, 2005 @ 7:10 pm

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