June 18, 2006

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Part IAn Epic of LustBy, Kevin RoostePart IIAn Epic of LustMeanwhile, Tami cried out as the big black and new goat, as he dashed around the hedge and out of her sight. A swat from the hand of Emily, as she yelled at Tami, “You didn’t have to get the big kick of telling him what he was so soon. If he’s had sex with either one of us again his human memory would vanish and we would have a willing sex toy”Now tears flowed down Tami’s hairy cheeks. As she placed her hairy palms on shaggy hips the realization of her life ahead came down with a crash. “I don’t want to be a sex creature all my life His was fun but I’m beginning to see this from a different point of view. Look, look Emily at our bodies If we were in the movies we’d be monsters. I want to be back to my human self, there must be a way” argued Tami.Emily had long ago accepted the fact of her changed body and wanted the life of continued sexual delights. As the words of Tami bounced about her mind as she remembered her own bestial beginning.Emily pressed her body into a hug of Tami. As then she worked her left teat to come close to Tami’s lips. The large nipple attached to a EE sized breasts made the weakened satyr girl reach her mouth to nibble.As Emily’s rich and highly infecting milk flowed into Tami’s mouth the two let the animal in each get the better of this situation. Emily had only one thought and that was to dominate her friend. As the sucking continued new goaty form began to cover Tami. Son her entire self was covered in shaggy goat hair. As stiffened fingers groped at the teat and sucking began to remove any and all will Tami slipped more toward full nanny’. Meanwhile too, The instinct had blended with his human memories and he knew to run towards home. At last, home and his own backyard. Now feeling safe for the moment he trotted into the storeage shed for both privacy and safety.The cool darkness offered him a place to stand or sit as he examined his black hairy body. Shivers of fear still ran through his body as the memories of his change came to mind. Even as he stood there in the dark he felt the sensual reaction of his goat cock emerge the sheath and stiffen.As Lionel mounted a porch chair stored in the shed he began to instinctively hump his cock into the air. A pounding action as his pelvic motion gained speed. The inner desire to be inside a nanny and pound that cock deep so deep.Head wrenched high in the air as the ecstasy of the moment drove all humanity out of his thoughts. As yellow goat semen sprayed the chair’s back Lionel began to calm and thought with sense came back.Suddenly the sound of someone coming to the shed made him quiet down. The words of his human mother mumbled about what she heard going on in the shed had her prepared to see Lionel and some girl.As the shed doors parted she gasp at the sight of a horny big black goat humping one of her lawn chairs. Fear on her face turned to anger as she scolded the beast out of the shed. A kick in his flanks from his mother’s shoe sent Lionel out into the world as a goat. After kicking the large black goat out of the yard, Lionel’s mother, Louise, went to clean up the mess that the goat left on the lawn chair. Louise, a short yet slender woman, had a wonderful figure for her middle age. After returning from the house with some rags and soapy water, Louise returned to the shed and bent down, rag in hand. The yellow goat semen clung in globs to the chair, and the salty smell was overpowering. The smell and sight of the bestial discharge were having an odd effect on her, as she stopped herself from cleaning the last of it off of the lawn chair. Feeling as though her mind was being controlled by instinct, she leaned forward and licked the last of it off of the lawn chair. Disgusted, Louise decided she needed to get back into the house and clean up, unsure of what she had just done.Louise closed the door behind her and put the rags and pail down on the floor as she went to her bedroom to change out of her clothing so she could shower. She removed her blouse and blue jeans, now wearing only her bra and panties. She couldn’t believe that she licked that goat cum off of the lawn chair.”Why did I do it?” she thought.She felt it churn in her stomach as she suddenly got very warm. Suddenly, she fell onto the bed as she held her stomach in pain. The pain stopped, and her hand brushed her arm and she realized that a felt dark, coarse hair where she had thought there been no hair before. She looked at her legs and came across the same thing. “I guess I need to shave, but how could this have grown in so quickly?” she wondered.Louise unclasped her bra and let it fall to the floor. Somehow, her breasts seemed alot firmer, and seemed a bit larger than normal. She cupped them in her hands, they were definitely firmer. Still puzzled, Louise walked towards the bathroom when once again her stomach was struck with the sharp pain again. She bent over, clenching her stomach as she felt something tickle her neck. She felt her chin, only to find that a long, dark, goatee had grown in, the same coarse hair that was sprouting even more on her arms and legs now. She screamed as tremendous pressure started to build in her chest and stroked her breasts as they began to rapidly increase in size. Her pink, small nipples began to grow and darken, and were now a horrendous inch long. A row of four nipples began to bud under her breasts, as she began to feel her panties getting wet with excitement. “What’s happening to me?” screamed Louise.Two black horns grew from her forehead as her ears elongated and began to twitch, they were soon covered with the same coarse black fur that now covered a good part of her body. Her nose and lips grew as dark as her hair. Looking down, Louise saw her feet were changing, as her toes merged into two black, hard toes. She lost her footing and fell torso first onto the bed, her ass straight up in the air. Louise felt her furry ass with her hairy hands as her rump began to increase in size. Louise felt a tingling sensation, then tremendous pressure, as a long, hairy tail began to snake out between her butt cheeks. It began to wiggle involuntarily as it freed itself of her panties. Human desires were replaced with the insatiable urge to mate. Louise began to urinate involuntarily and released her bladder and bowels, racked with orgasm.She pulled the soiled panties from her behind as her tail unfurled and swung freely. She jumped onto the bed as she dipped her hand into the swollen lips of her goat cunt. She bleated as she came over and over again in the best orgasm of her life, as it sealed her transformation. She drifted off to sleep, her new desires and body dominating her dreams.Louise awoke, still lying on the bed, but was startled when she awoke. Her thoughts, still human, and still able to speak, were very primal with on thing in mind: to mate as much as possible. Still groggy, she looked forward, between her mountains of cleavage, saw a leathery black sheath push out a black with brown spotted penis. It continued to stiffen, finally stopping at about fifteen inches. Louise jumped up from the bed to further inspect her new appendage. Large and throbbing, her massive cock was flat ended with a flange. Her testicles were as big as softballs, in a dark, leathery sack. She took the beastly member in her petite hands as she stretched her stance as her bladder let flow a water fall onto the carpet of the bedroom.With her new equipment, Louise dreamed of mounting, humping and fucking goats and satyrs all day and night, which caused shivers and chills down her spine which made her goat tail wag with lust. She knew there was only one place to satisfy this desire– Dave’s farm. Louise had become a satyr she-male, and with that transformation came the insatiable desire to mate with satyrs, goats, even humans– it didn’t really matter. And no matter how hard she tried to fight those primal instincts, her body was now doing the thinking for her, more specifically, the inhuman fifteen-inch member that now hung flaccidly between her hairy legs. Emerging from the back door of her house, she stood standing, drooling, and desperately horny. Her dark toned, long nipples and cleavage were just begging to be sucked, her goat’s cock and balls eager for release. Louise darted across the meadow in the backyard to Dave’s farm, cock flailing between her legs, boobs bouncing like water filled balloons. When she arrived she looked down from the hill and saw a woman get out of a car and start to walk towards the house. It was Dave’s wife, and Tami’s mother, Lindsay. A nicely endowed brunette woman, she now knew who Tami got her body from. Louise had never realized how sexy Dave’s wife really was– until now. Louise came down hill, and confronted Lindsay in front of the house.”Oh my god, what are you?” she screamed, dropping the bag of groceries in her hand. This gave way to the wonderful shape of the cleavage underneath her white blouse. Louise fantasized about sticking her huge member between those long legs, hips and ass that were hidden under a black skirt.”I am your greatest fantasy,” exclaimed Louise, pulling on the tuft of hair that hung from her chin. “I will give you a life of pleasure that you have always wanted.”"Get away from me, you freak” screamed Lindsay, running back towards the car. Louise followed, and caught her as she grabbed her by the arms. Louise’s satyr’s strength being put to good use, Lindsay tried to break free but stood the she-satyr right in face. She squirmed as she looked Louise in the eyes, having almost hypnotic power on her as she stopped moving. In the air, pressing on Lindsay’s skirt like a black pole stood her long goat shaft. A dark monster it had a knob on the end, and slender below it quickly flared broad to three inches at the base. “I am your slave,” said Lindsay, subdued and obviously hypnotized as she removed her blouse, freeing her beautiful breasts. She pushed her skirt down and moaned and laid back, legs spread wide on the hood of the car. Lindsay shifts forward and then feels the massive head of Louise’s satyr cock touching her vagina. Sopping wet and quivering, she longed to have it plunged deeply within her. Louise’s tail swished in a lusty desire to mount the woman as she licked her lips. At last she touches a quivering spot and in a savage goat animal thrust plunges deep into Lindsay as she screamed in pain and pleasure, stirring the big member in and out around and around, her stretching vagina being pleasured greatly by the thick shaft as Louise bleated.

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    1. “The Sound of Thunder”Lionel was first to take notice, his accute goat hearing knew the sound of thunder and an approaching storm. He was doing his best and tried to wiggle free, but the one he felt a bestail lust had other ideas.Soon the ear spliting sound of lightning and with its blistering the ground came a mighty roll of thunder.Lionel and John both felt the growing static electric charges the flowed about in the air. Each in their own way felt the onslaught of the storm.John and Lionel felt theirs at the tips of those growing Billy goat horns.Louise, Tina, and the other females than were infected, all felt the static charges as a burning sensation taunting their most sensual parts.The sky was darkening, thrunder more than rolling, it blasted , screaming of the mighty fury to comeSensual sensationalism was all set aside, as the thought was of self preservation. Billies, Nannies, and even those supreme sexual Satyress creatures, all of them sought shelter for the stormy blast.Rain poured down, drenching Lionel and his good friend Jack.The two scared Billies huddled together, too ignorant of common sense to seek shelter, they stood under a tree’s spreading limbs. Shivering with the fear a beast does from being ignorant of understanding, nor even of the God given human knowledge of their vile ways.As the sheets of pouring rain engulfed the sex crazed Satyress engaged in their constant and insatible sexual fondlings, the raging orgy of sexual sensations began to drain away.Tina was first to take notice of her sister Satyress, seeing the bestial form of a woman and goat mixed as it started to simply melt away.”The rain, the rain,” screamed Tina, seeing even of her own body as when she became soaked by pure rain, her goatish hair perked out of a changing skin.Each noticed as her tough and weathered goat hides turned soft again. The pouring rain washed off the goat hair, soaking into their skin, trickling into goaty shaped ears, and cleaning them of the horrible forms they wore.John and Lionel too, stood watching as their thick pelt of goat hair fell in sticky clumps. Soon they were naked, as even their cloven hooves began to change, and humanity was becoming their new reality.Once the raging storm moved to the east, a town stood drenched and near flooded.Yet of all that had problems and felt sad for their troubles from the great storm; a small group of people felt a great relief.Each though of their time as beasts to be an personal epic of lust. The insatible desire for sex and feeling things that seemed at the time to enhance their lives, suddenly ceased it forboding urgency.Lionel ran like a young deer to find his mother.John headed for home, his desire was to be more than he originally wanted, and far more than he might have attained being a male goat.Tina and her friends returned to college studies, as from their short encounter with things inspired by those powers of the demonic, they had gained an inner strength. The lust was gone for sexual pleasure seeking, they saw the light pointing the way to a future. Hope was springing new, as with their future each could make a difference, and help others, rather than seeking only to feel and be totally self centered.

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