July 12, 2006

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it was mid july a very warm day.debbie and her freinds decided to go out drinking that night.around 5.00 pm they all got together and headed out for a evening on the town.deb hasnt been with a man for 6 months she had high hopes for the evening she was hot and very horney.as they got to the bar she was looking around you know checking out the meat market.she saw a couple possibilitys this only made her more hot then ever.they sat down ordered drinks beth and keith where debs best freinds they went everywhere together but she was a little jelous that beth had a steady guy.debs last boyfreind was very rude to her freinds and he was a bad lover he had no idea what foreplay was,and was in and out in a minutes flat.anyway they got there drinks and decided to order some food,by the time they had a few drinks and there dinner a couple hours had past.now it was time to check out the action.deb spotted a nice looking guy mid 20s well built very tan you can tell he worked outside maybe construction.deb was in her 20s 5 Read the rest of men fucking pets snakes dogs free pics »

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July 11, 2006

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I never slept much anyways and since school was out I stayed up into ther early hours of the morning. My dog Ryuzaki was always locked in the back rom so he wouldn’t mess up the house while we sleep. As I was sitting on my couch watching a porno, i heard him moaning and whining in the back. After a few minutes i couldn’t take hearing my dog like that so I went back there to check on him. As I opened the door he jumped up and ran around me in circles. I smiled at him and noticed how happy I made him so i switched on the T.V in there and watched my movie there.After a few minutes of him lying on the ground I stasrted to jack off to the movie. i didnt really notice him walking to me and only noticed when I felt his rough and large toungue licks at my precumming head. I shuddered with pleasure and before I knew it I had cum.I smiled at him and patted his head, feeling slightly remorseful at what i had goten off on and then went to turn off the t.v. I bent over and he followed me. He started to sniff my ass and I Read the rest of free pictures dog sex »

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July 11, 2006

My first experiences, one canine (m), one equine (f)

Yeah, right, deserves better attention No feedback until then ? Here’s mine MaFPAzOl 2006 Read the rest of My first experiences, one canine (m), one equine (f) »

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July 11, 2006

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Uncle Jessies FarmDay 2The early morning chores are fairly easy. Jessies farm consisted mostly of hay, oats, and corn. There werent very many animals to take care of. Pepsi first feeds and waters the mini horses, then gathers any eggs in the chicken coop. She milks the goats and puts it into the holding tank. Jessie taught her how to make goat cheese years ago when she was in high school. She always milked the cows last because its the hardest. Jessie never did have more than two or three heifers so a milking machine wasnt necessary. Milking by hand took time, but she doesnt mind doing it, there is only one cow that needs to be milked today.She brought the cow into the milking stall by adding a little grain into the feed lot, then using the string hanging from the ceiling, ties the cows tail up so it stayed out of the way and she wouldnt get swatted with it while she was milking. For some reason beyond Pepsis understanding, this seems to signal the cow that this is the perfect opportunity to create a cow pie. Read the rest of girls fucking horses »

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July 10, 2006

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While here in Alaska dancing and doing animal sex parties I was asked to film a movie. I have made some home movies with my dogs but this was going to be a professional animal porn movie. After much thought and discussion I agreed to it. Dave raises hybrid wolves and they were the stars. I am going to tell the story. Filming began almost immediately after I agreed. We traveled deep into the wilds of Alaska with 5 male wolves to the cabin where we stayed while filming. It was an amazing place. Here is how the story begins. After a bad break-up with her boyfriend Jenn (me) is a mess. A friend offers his cabin deep in the woods for some R R with no distractions to Jenn. Loving the great outdoors, camping and hiking this is just what Jenn needed to gather her thoughts and get past this breakup. She packs some clothes and heads off to the cabin. She stops in the small town for supplies then travels the 30 miles to the cabin. On arrival she is amazed at the beauty of this little cabin in the woods nestled by a sma Read the rest of human sex with female dogs »

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July 9, 2006

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Can anyone recemend any good stories that they have read whether they are bestiality or other. Lately i have not been able to find any thing i can really get into =( This post has been edited by kingjessev11 on Jul 9 2006, 05:47 AM Read the rest of bestiality mpegs »

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July 9, 2006

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At 11.29pm EST my fantasy of 7 years had finally come true.. After spending time at this site she and I went for a walk. Not a word was said about the subject. As we were walking we happened upon a neighborhood stray. She grabbed his collar and led him back to our place.As we walk thrui the door and headed tpo bedroom I had a hard on alreadyAt first her was un co-operative When she was undressed and lying at esgwe of bed i put him in posion and guided him home As i felt his knot slide into her, I actually creamed myself So a long fantasy has FINALLY Become a reality thanks to this forum.. And it goes to say. if you have patience and wait long enough, it will HappenThanks to EVRYONE as all your postings had a hand in it. Read the rest of young dog sex »

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July 9, 2006

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Miranda squinted for several minutes while her eyes adjusted to the brightness of the room. There was a bad taste in her mouth, an obvious side affect to the drug she figured was put into her drink, and her head and arms were bound in an old wooden stock she’d read about in grade school. Her legs were shackled at the ankles by cold metal bracelets connected to chains somewhere else in the room.”If you struggle, you will only damage yourself,” a gravely voice remarked.”Who are you? What do you want with me?” Miranda said trying to keep her voice steady and calm.”You may begin,” the voice answered.Miranda heard movement in the shadows that surrounded her small island of light. “Who is out there?” A young bald woman dressed in a white ceremonial robe and carrying a steaming bucket of soapy water approached. The woman set the bucket on the floor in front of Miranda and pulled out a purple sponge. “Help me please” Miranda pleaded with the woman.”They will no listen to you,” the voice responded.”Damn you, you basta Read the rest of horse sex trailers »

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July 9, 2006

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Yes I know this is sick. Looking back, I don’t know why I firstdid it. I guess I was very horny at the time, hadn’t had a man forover a year back then.Well, it started out with me giving the dog a bath. I noticedhis long, pink, cock of his standing out as I bathed his chest andabdomen. After a while, I got bolder and took his cock into my handsand gently stroke it. The dog didn’t object, in fact he seemed to likeit. He stepped out of the tub and sat in front of me so I could get abetter grip. I gently stroked his pink pud up and down. After a lot ofthought, I lowered my face to his 11″ rod. I pretended that it was aguy’s dick except thinner. I gently sucked his throbbing rod in andout of my mouth.That was beginning to get me hot so I stripped off my T-shirtand shorts and began rubbing the crotch of my panties as I suckedhim faster. I took my head away from the dogs prick after I felt thewetness of my crotch soaking through my panties. I lay back on the floor and pull my knees up to pull my pantiesoff. As I to Read the rest of big dog sex »

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July 7, 2006

Sex with monster storys, need help to find some

I’m interesded in various storys about gigant spiders, ants, flys, otheg insects, molluscs, aliens and plants having sex with women(girls), torturing, impregnant and eating them. Please share if you have some. Thanks. Read the rest of Sex with monster storys, need help to find some »

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